The debut album “Aaron Michael” is now available as CD with bonus track or digital downloadBuy the CDAlso available from Birdland Records

“The opening Leytonstone (by Michael) stands out: reminiscent of the sort of instantly appealing, country-tinged melody that Keith Jarrett used to write in the 1970s, and capped by a storming tenor/drums duet” – John Shand


This Wednesday 22nd January @ Lazybones Lounge, Marrickville

Aaron Michael Quartet. Featuring Matt McMahon, Noel Mason & Paul Derricott.

Aaron Michael Band @ Lazybones

Aaron Michael Band @ Lazybones

“Aaron Michael’s voice is as true to himself as he would want – a clean, nimble, modern tenor tone, unadorned with effects or false sentiment, it is astringently honest.” – John Hardaker (